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MetroWest Food Collaborative 


Actively join with the community to strengthen the local food system by advocating for policies and programs that support equitable access to nourishing, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

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our vision

We envision a thriving food system that delivers food justice for all. Food justice is a holistic and structural view of the food system that sees healthy food as a human right and addresses structural barriers to that right.

Working Groups
Fruits and Vegetables

Increase the availability and affordability of healthy and culturally relevant foods through working with farmers, stores and free food resources, with a focus on local growers and food businesses.  This also includes emergency planning to help the food system meet potentially heightened demand and/or disruption during times of crisis.


Partner with community organizations to address the factors that lead to individual and family food insecurity. Advocate for policies that promote food security and access to local, healthy, culturally relevant foods; and address logistical barriers for individuals and families obtaining food.


Develop and build upon community relationships to identify strengths and needs within the community food system, as well as to provide a framework for community members, who may not be working for an organization, to lead on projects and/or issues where they have interest and expertise.

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